Friday, September 14, 2012

Jmueller BBQ, Austin, Texas

I know that it has been a long time since my last post.  I kind of got motivated and then went back to my normal life and forgot about this.  So here it is, my first review.  I apologize now for forgetting to take pictures.  You will just have to trust me.  I promise to post pictures on my next visit.

I have now been to JMueller BBQ twice.  First time was on a hot summer Saturday in late July with the temperature bumping up to near 100 degrees and then just yesterday 9/13 during my business travels.  In July I was not paying attention to my diet and we ordered the moist and lean brisket, and pork ribs.  By 12:45 some of the items I wanted to try were already scratched off the menu.  I wanted to try the sausage and beef ribs but that was not to happen as they were gone.  The pork ribs were outstanding with a very peppery taste and great smoke.  Very tender but not fall off the bone which is a good thing.  There was just a slight touch of sweetness in the bark.  My daughter love them and my wife who is not a rib eater took one of mine.  The moist brisket was the best I have ever had with perfect smoke, great crust with a strong pepper flavor.  The lean brisket was almost as good but moist is always my choice because of the extra flavor from the rendered fat. 

The sides that we tried were good.  The chipotle slaw is very unique and I liked it.  Warning it has a real kick. My wife thought the squash casserole was excellent and wanted to get a large container to take home.  The potato salad was  a very good mustard based salad with plenty of twang in it.  I am not good at picking out small flavors but twang is the best description I have and it is quite good. 

On my Second visit, I was back in "healthy lifestyle" mode and ordered the turkey breast and beans.  There are not words I can describe to you how good the turkey is at this place.  I have had smoked turkey all over the state of Texas and no place comes close, period.  Prior to this visit I thought Gatlin's (Houston) and Goode Company (Houston) had the best turkey breast.  They are good, but not close to this.  The turkey was almost in the shape of a brisket slice.  It had cracked pepper around the crust like a piece of pastrami and here is the best part, it had a smoke ring. (really lamenting not taking a picture but I was so blow away by the turkey and was too busy shoveling it in my mouth)  Along with the smoke ring was the juiciness of the meat.  I did not ask whether or not he brined the turkey breast before smoking but it would seem logical as this was the juiciest turkey I have every had.  I never eat BBQ turkey without sauce and this honestly did not need it.  Turkey is the only smoked item I like with sauce on it.  While the sauce was a perfect match with the meat when I did try it, it did not need it at all.

The ranch/Charro beans were top notch.  A perfect compliment with plenty of kick.  I would have loved a small piece of cornbread to crumble in it.  My favorite side here so far.

As far as atmosphere goes, I love it.  Just a trailer, some picnic tables and some easy ups for shade or rain cover.  Good Texas music and very friendly folks to sit and enjoy a meal with.  I could do without the ShaggyBevo sign but I will learn to live with it, we are all friends after football season, right?

Since this is my first real review, it is sort of odd to tell you this is the best BBQ joint I have ever been to.  But with my travels, I have eaten at many places in Texas and around the south.  So far, as far as smoked meat goes, I have had none better.

Weight Watchers info:

1/2pound Smoked Turkey 6 points
2 slices of White Bread     4 points
Ranch Beans                     3 points
BBQ Sauce                       1 points

Next up, Gatlin's in Houston, Fargo in Bryan.  Until then, God and Texas!

JMueller BBQ
1502 South First Austin, TX 78704

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