Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Time to reflect and Give Thanks

On my last blog I wrote that I would discuss brisket on a stick.  I still have to put together my thoughts on that one before I publish it.  I am currently getting ready for family and friends to arrive for the Thanksgiving Holiday and I have some time alone to think about where I stand in my life and what I am thankful for.  For one thing, there are so many bad things going on in this world that I am about ready to repeat the famous movie line from Network "I am mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more".  Seriously, where the hell do people get off running around sucker punching people for fun.  I blame the parents, the interwebz, vegetarians, and the communists.  Honestly, I feel like Screwtape from the "Screwtape Letters" and will get so mad that I will turn myself into a centipede.  But then I reflect on all the things in my life and see all the things that bring me joy and realize, that it is not in my hands but God's.  I understand that we humans have free will, but did he have to make us so stupid as to go around punching people?  Ooops, there I go again.  Anyway, now that I am calmed down, here are some things I am thankful for.

I am thankful for a loving God that has allowed me so many blessings despite my stupidity and lack of faith.

I am thankful for a loving wife that supports my endeavors and gives me the freedom to be me.  She stands by me and gives me the strength and encouragement to seek after my dreams and helps me see the light in this dark world.  She is my best friend, nuff said.

I am thankful for two wonderful children.  I am so proud of them that I cannot put it into words.  Both of them have the determination to go after what they want in life and have become individuals rather than clones of what I tried to mold them into.  My lovely wife and I gave them the guidance and instruction and they have taken that and are becoming what God intended for them.  What a blessing to watch them grow up and see what they become.  It's like growing a garden from seeds but your seed pack just says human on it.  You plant them, and are surprised at each stage how they bloom and what fruits they will produce.  My son is an Aggie and my daughter will soon be one.  They have brought me such joy in seeing how they have changed in each stage in life.  When they pick up a new interest or are enlightened by something new in their life it brings me joy.  It's hard not to try and stop them from falling down and making mistakes (one of my worst parenting faults) but they seem do dust themselves off and get back on the horse so to speak.  Pretty good stuff.

I am thankful for wonderful friends and family.  I won't go into to much detail here but God has blessed me with wonderful friends and extended family.  Over the last several years I have been blessed with renewed relationships with my cousins, etc.  As our families have grown we have all made an effort to get together and celebrate our family heritage and tell stories, mostly lies based on some very small bit of truth that have grown over the years.  There is this one story where my cousin's husband had surgery and he woke up in some unexpected pain.....I better stop there.  Over last few years some old friends have come back into my life and I am really enjoying my time with them.  It's funny, it is almost like we never spent time apart.  When we get back together we just pick up where we left off.  I thought we would just rehash the past and we do to some extent but these relationships have grown and flourished.  Thanks guys.

We also had a loss this year.  One of our group will not be around to share the joy.  I am still wrestling with God on that one.  However, what came out of that is seeing the faith of family being revealed in their private grief.  They inspired me as they allowed God to comfort them.  Miss you Ann, thanks for the laughs and spice cake.

Anyway, I guess I am thankful to God for giving me all these wonderful people to share my life with.  All the other stuff is just noise.  So, when you are at your Thanksgiving table this year, take stock of those relationships.  When the food isn't timed to come out right, or the turkey is medium rare, or annoying rugrat will not leave you alone while you are trying to watch football or cook something. Take stock, thank God for your blessings and enjoy the moment, because isn't that the reason we have this life, to enjoy the moments that we are given?

Happy Thanksgiving.

God and Texas

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