Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review: Eating Right at Corkscrew BBQ

I have been looking forward to this visit for some time as this is one of my favorite BBQ spots in Texas.  Corkscrew is on the Texas Monthly top 50 BBQ Joints list and deservedly so. It is as close to one of the Austin BBQ trailers as Houston has at this point with its funky black and pink exterior to the friendly service and the long lines.  I have heard that they give away free beer on Saturdays while they are open.  This is another tradition of the BBQ trailers in Austin. 
The line in the picture above was at 11:10 AM on a weekday.  I went early because the Turkey is what I am after and they are almost always sold out of Turkey by noon. 

After about 20 minutes of negotiating the line, I was able to order and they still had Turkey.  Before I get to what I ordered, I will tell you that I believe that Corkscrew has the best brisket in Houston.  It is always well smoked with a good smoke ring.  Great bark with a gentle rub.  (Nobody in Houston uses the 1:1 Course black pepper/Kosher salt rub in Houston that I know of.  If they do, let me know because I love it.  Anyway, Corkscrew has a unique menu compared to most BBQ joints.  There is brisket and pulled pork tacos and unique takes on sandwiches.  They have the standard fare but do baked BBQ beans really well.  Potato Salad and coleslaw are good but not outstanding.  The mac and cheese is very good and I love the cobbler.  Unfortunately, those items are off my eating list for most occasions as I am focusing on eating healthier. 

I ordered a Turkey Sandwich and a side spinach salad with light ranch dressing and unsweet iced tea.  They ask at the counter if you want pickles, onion, and jalapenos which are mandatory for me.  The order took less than 5 minutes and was sliced fresh.


The sandwich had about 1/3 lb of turkey and comes with sauce on it.  While I don't put sauce on brisket unless it really needs it, I like sauce on turkey.  I added the pickles and onions and took a bite.  This is as good a BBQ turkey as you will find in Texas.  It is moist with bark, and is not processed turkey but real turkey breast.  It has a smoky flavor with a hint of rub.  The sauce, pickles, onions, and jalapeno are the perfect compliment without hiding the turkey flavor.    Yes the turkey has bark on it which is not common. 
The spinach salad was fresh with spinach, shredded cabbage, carrot strips, feta cheese, cucumber and tomato.  It was pretty good with lite ranch but would have been better with the vinaigrette that they would normally serve.  Very tasty. 
Overall, I give Corkscrew BBQ an A for great BBQ and healthy choices.  This is must stop for BBQ lovers when in the area.
I am guessing at 1/2 lb of smoked turkey breast so 316 calories for the meat plus 200 for the bun.  maybe 100 calories for the salad total. another 100 calories for the sauce and veggies.  Estimated Total Calories 716.  Not bad for a great filling meal.
Corkscrew BBQ
24930 Budde Rd
Spring, TX, US, 7738
Until next time.....Adios.
God and Texas,
The Traveling Salesman

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