Monday, January 18, 2016

Cypress Texas, a dying Texas Town.

So I live in Cypress, TX.  Currently a suburb in Houston, TX.  When I first moved here from Denver, CO in 1979, it was quite different.  What once was small town with horse ranches and a couple of subdivisions that had gotten lost has become another faceless suburb.  That may make some folks mad but it is the truth.  Yes, we now have all of the conveniences.  Supermarkets, tasteless chain restaurants, and nail places have now replaced pine trees and horse pastures.  The Cy-Fair High School rodeo in the summer is now a distant memory.  We have had few locally owned restaurants open up and they are very good for the most part.  But something died inside when I read the article in Texas Monthly here about the closing of Tin Hall. If you don't know anything about dance halls, read the Texas Monthly article. Yes the days of community dance halls has passed us by but I cannot help but be sad.  We went there as teens because we were too young for clubs and they put stamps on our hands to make sure all we could purchase was Coke or Dr. Pepper.  Not saying that a flask never came into close proximity of said can of Coke or Dr. Pepper.

Tin Hall was a place where you might have 3 or more generations of people all enjoying the same Saturday night entertainment but all through a different generation's eyes.  There was something to be said for this simpler time.  It kind of reminds me of a trend in churches these days in the contemporary vs. traditional worship styles.  The Pastor at our church favors the blended service because he believes that all generations should worship together and learn from each other.  I get that and agree with it.

On Saturday nights we got in fights, danced, talked, and generally had a great time.  I still keep in contact with my friends from that era.  We all went off to college in different places but still manage to get together to tell lies and share news about our families.  My kids are now off to college or on their own.  They never had a central meeting place like Tin Hall in their lives growing up even though they lived closer to it than I did.  Progression is a natural part of life, but it is not always for the better.  Sometimes simpler times are really better times.  I wonder if I will ever get to go to a dance hall with my wife and be on the same dance floor with both of my children and their significant others while my grandchildren are asleep on a chair against the wall.  I hope there is still an old dance hall left for me to find out.

God and Texas

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